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The Street: Technology Won’t Save Walmart

May 23rd, 2015

Walmart is getting a lot of press for its technology efforts, but some analysts don’t think that IT is where Walmart ought to be putting its energies (and money). A recent post on The Street quoted several analysts who believe that technology isn’t the answer to Walmart’s woes. These analysts believe that Walmart’s primary problems involve things like image, labor policies, and product assortment. Until Walmart addresses these issues, analysts believe that technology enhancements won’t do much to increase sales. The … Read More

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Walmart Takes New Sourcing Strategy in China

May 22nd, 2015

Walmart Taking Some Chinese Sourcing In-House Reuters reports that Walmart is switching up its sourcing in China, taking on some of the functions currently performed by Direct Sourcing Group (Hong Kong’s Li & Fung Ltd). The article reports that this is a cost-cutting move for Walmart, which has been trying to cope with slow sales in China. Walmart China started operations in 1996. Not all of Walmart China’s sourcing will be taken over by internal team members. Direct Sourcing Group will continue to source … Read More

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Walmart Sets Stricter Animal Welfare Standards

May 22nd, 2015

Walmart Toughens Supplier Standards In a recent press release, Walmart announced more stringent standards for animal care and use of antibiotics. Walmart has come under fire in recent years over its animal welfare standards. Indeed, some animal rights groups, such as Mercy for Animals, have launched several campaigns targeting Walmart for failing to police its suppliers. According to Reuters, Walmart is asking suppliers to restrict the use of antibiotics in animals. Suppliers are also now required to  file annual reports on … Read More

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