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Walmart’s shrinking store footprints pose supplier challenges – The City Wire

The City Wire reports that Walmart’s switch to smaller format stores means that suppliers face several challenges, including the need to compete for shelf space: “[retail analyst Leon] Nicholas said Wal-Mart has been more cognizant of the store space in … Read More

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How Walmart can beat dollar stores at their own game – TIME

TIME’s Christopher Matthews recently reported on the rise of the dollar store and why this retail model offers serious competition to big box chains, such as Walmart. Interestingly, Matthews also argues that Walmart’s move into smaller format stores, such as … Read More

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Walmart focusing on smaller format stores – Forbes

Walmart’s success with smaller-format stores, such as Neighborhood Markets, has proven encouraging to the company, which has found itself in direct competition with more compact “dollar” stores: “Simon said the company plans to add 115 new outlets that have less … Read More

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