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Competing With Amazon: What’s the Cost to Walmart?

Despite its best efforts, still has a long way to go before it catches up with Amazon’s online sales numbers. Walmart has taken numerous steps to compete with the e-commerce retailer, including: Authorizing its associates and store managers to match Amazon’s prices during the holiday season. Testing a flat-rate postage program that competes with Amazon Prime. Opening new distribution centers that focus on online sales. Offering online and offline payment options. Developing apps that boost mobile traffic. All this is … Read More

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Walmart at OpenStack Summit

Walmart Labs Director Talks the Cloud Walmart’s senior director for cloud operations and engineering at Walmart Labs, Amandeep Singh Juneja, recently spoke at the OpenStack Summit. Juneja spoke of how Walmart made the decision to move to Open Stack in August of 2014. Below are some media stories about Walmart’s contribution to the OpenStack Summit: How Walmart uses OpenStack to deliver its ‘everyday low prices’: “To meet this demand ‘Walmart needed a technology stack that would scale to meet the explosive demand, flexible enough … Read More

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Best Buy to Accept Apple Pay — re/code

Best Buy has announced that it plans to accept Apple Pay in its stores: “Best Buy is the first big-name U.S. retailer to break ranks with a Walmart-led Apple Pay competitor, announcing today that it will accept Apple’s digital payment system in its U.S. stores later this year.“

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  At this point, won’t ever catch up to Amazon’s visitors: “According to new data from online research firm comScore, Amazon’s March unique visitors in the United States, a number that includes mobile and desktop users, reached 175.1 million. Wal-Mart’s comparable figure was 81.9 million. No other retail site made the Top 50 comScore list.“

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Why Vendor-Retailer Data Sharing Makes Sense — MultiChannel Merchant

Data sharing between retailers and suppliers has significant benefits: “With Retail Link, Walmart empowers vendors to track performance at the store and SKU level, enabling vendor teams to improve sell-through, reduce out-of-stocks, and optimize promotional execution. Not only do these data-driven insights help to drive increased sales for vendors, they also contribute significantly to Walmart’s market success. Other major retailers have also built their own retail data sharing solutions to improve collaboration with suppliers.“

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Walmart to Curb Free Shipping in Canada —

  Walmart is changing its shipping policy in Canada: “Wal-Mart Stores Inc., citing rising costs, is ending free home shipping on April 2 for orders of less than $50 before taxes. Home delivery under that price will cost $4.97. Deliveries to a “Grab & Go” locker at a store or to a post office will remain free, the Bentonville, Arkansas-based retailer said.“

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Consistent Pricing Important to Consumers — The City Wire

Consumers want to see more consistency between online and offline pricing: “Whether online or in-store, 82% of U.S. consumers say they expect a retailer’s prices to be the same when they are shopping, according to a survey of shoppers and 32 top retailers by marketing group Accenture.“

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Walmart Taking Preorders for New Cell Phones — Tech Times

Walmart is already taking preorders for several new Samsung phones: “Preorders have already begun for Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. All of the U.S. carriers, with the exception of Verizon, are now taking preorders for both smartphones, along with retailer Best Buy. Consumers can now order their Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge directly from either Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular, or via Best Buy.“

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Amazon “Dash” Buttons Allow Offline Product Ordering — The Verge

Amazon is making it easy for consumers to buy household goods at a touch of a button…even when folks aren’t near their phones or computers: “The company is rolling out new hardware today called the Dash button that promises to solve these scenarios. It’s a small physical button that you can stick wherever, and press when you want to order more of something. Need more diapers? Hit the diaper button. Need more toilet paper? Just hit the toilet paper button. “

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